Planet cruise

    The story happens in the future, when the earth is not good for surviving any more. Therefore, humans stick together and build a space station “Oasis” as a second homeland. As usual, you, as a captain, drove an immigration ship with your passengers to “Oasis”. But an accident caught you and forced you to land on an unknown planet. On this planet, you have no idea how long you can manage to make contact with earth or space station. You don’t know background of your passengers and you don’t know how long it can lasts with the limited food and power. The only thing you know is you have to lead the team to survive long enough to gain more opportunities of being saved.

The game type is text-based survival game with a large proportion of roguelike elements.

     The gameplay is focused on how to properly co-ordinate your teammates, and to let them effectively obtain resource at least cost. In the meanwhile, unexpected plot and the conflict between your teammates will be a big problem.
Questioning of the human nature under living pressure, the hard choice between friendship and family. All these will occur in this small cabin. For more information, please continuo to pay attention to our second game, “planet cruise”(though the game name is pending).