Game Spoilers

       Spoilers of our new game background story.

      Hi, It has been a long time since the release of our last game. We have been busy developing the new game so far. Today we would like to share the background information about the new game:

The story happens at a certain point in the future, where resource of the earth is nearly depleted. Humans have to explore universe more in order to find a living space. However, the apocalypse came so fast that humans were still not prepared to develop the unexplored universe.

     To speed up the exploring process, humans built an immigration satellite in the space, called “Oasis”. Oasis had accommodation for millions of people. However, it was far from enough compared to the huge population on the earth. In the meantime, the running of “Oasis” relied on the resource from the earth, which make the unbearable burden even more heavier on the earth.

     Cities became dark and dead. Electricity and oil became luxuries. When people started to suffer the starving, they desired to escape from the earth. But the access to “Oasis” is only for those high-level elites, such as politician, or the rich. As powerless ordinary people, it seems the only end was to wait for death on the earth. Unfortunately, “Oasis” was still insatiable.

     It didn’t only close the door to the ordinary people, but also plundered the resource from the early, resulting the acceleration of the perish of the civilization on the earth. The confliction between citizens from “Oasis” and earth were extremely intensified. Some of the earth citizens found rebel forces, tried to overthrow the domination of the “Oasis”. But due to the falling behind of the technology and equipments, the rebels were suppressed and eliminated during less than two years. But the seeds of rebellion had been rooted in earth citizens. Therefore, “Oasis” government had to make compromise to reduce the quality of life for the “Oasis” citizens, in exchange for increase population density, in order to grant more “Oasis” passes to earth citizens.

     Even so, it was still not enough at all for the billions of population on the earth. The compromise was just a stopgap of the governors….

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